39 Start-up People

Thanks to Gape we managed to get people from Celtra, Astina, ex-Vox.io, Zemanta and a few more start-ups gather for lunch in Gostilna As yesterday. It was amazing to see 39 ambitious people with positive attitude in one place. A rare sight these days in Slovenia! As Aleš described already some time ago, start-ups are quickly becoming a very powerful force in Slovenia and if all of us would gather, there would be thousand of us. 39startups

Trying to make it big starting from Slovenia seems like climbing mount improbable. Knowing that you're not the only crazy person trying to conquer the world helps a lot. That's what connects us and make us help each other. And even the one area where we compete locally, i.e. attracting talented people, is not a zero-sum game since the more people we infect with a start-up bug or attract from abroad the better off we we will all be.

Grega is right. The Slovenian start-up community is really awesome. If you want to become part of start-up world also yourself, join us. We are hiring!