If you want to attract foreigners, you need foreigners


I was guiding John Biggs of TechCrunch yesterday around Ljubljana, trying to present to him our gorgeous city in the best possible light. While I tried not to sell too hard I'm pretty sure that my message was the same as the message he got in other cities on his Balkan tour. But later at Astina party I let Marc explain to John why they have chosen to come Slovenia. It was great to hear Marc talk about Ljubljana and Slovenia in such exquisite terms and even better how much Marc''s message resonated with John since Marc delivered with authenticity of someone without vested interests but with genuine enthusiasm for our city and country. It's not just our start-up ecosystem that needs more foreigners in order to attract more foreigners. I could never grasp why marketing of Slovenia tourism is handled by Slovenian companies and why government organizations concerned with foreign investments have not only no foreigners employed but no foreigner on their board (well, they don't have even an up-to-date English page http://www.japti.si/about-us/governance-of-japti).

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