Interview with confidly founders

I've got a great opportunity on Friday to have a chat with founders of confidly and I seized it to conduct the first ever interview on this blog. Dušan: How would you define your service and are you really "just a forum with a logo"?

Matjaž: Our service provides anonymous way to confide one's worries with broader community. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a helping friend or a caring family. Even if you are one of the lucky ones, we all have questions we are either afraid, or ashamed to ask.

Jelena: User forums have a long tradition on the Internet and we have adapted them for the world of mobile applications. Mobile devices are always present and always on which makes them ideal for posting personal questions and helping others on the go or during a break. In addition, a mobile application offer possibility of blocking an annoying user by blocking her or his device, which is much harder to circumvent.

Dušan: What's your background and how come you've decided to do a start-up?

Matjaž: I've started programming at fifteen and I've done several web projects already in high-school. During my studies I've joined local parenting forum where I've met Jelena for the first time. I worked there for three years but then I wanted to do something fresh, so I joined my forces with Jelena, first on an (unsuccessful) web site for cooking recipes and now on confidly.

Jelena: I spent several years at the government agency as an IT manager, but decided to quit because I was choked by bureaucracy. I joined forum where I was responsible to expand the forum to the Serbian market. I wanted to start something on my own, so I joined forces with Matjaž.

Dušan: Tell us about your experience with TSstartup and would you recommend other start-ups to apply?

Jelena: I would highly recommend every start-up to join TSstartup. First, lectures are great and about right topics. Second, mentors were accessible and of great help. Third, sharing space with other start-ups is very inspiring and everybody is willing to help you with an advice or by testing your idea. Fourth, instant access to all required equipment (e.g. latest mobile phones), courtesy of Telekom Slovenija. Fifth, the whole team at TSstartup, but Aleš Špetič in particular, is great at keeping teams honest about their progress and focused on their goals. Finally, the award of 20.000EUR will enable us to focus on product development for at least the next six months without worrying (too much) how to pay our bills.


Confidly is the winner of the second generation of TSstartup. You can download the confidly application here.