Danny Green


Danny Green is all the rage currently in the NBA after scoring 25 three pointers in the finals so far. Very few people outside of Slovenia probably know that just a year and a half ago he was playing in Ljubljana. While his performance in the dress of Olimpija wasn't bad it was just a shadow of his later performance at San Antonio Spurs. The career of Danny Green is a clear demonstration how one person can reach for stars in the right environment while living a life of mediocrity somewhere else. It is the job of managers to organize the right environment for exceptional talent to thrive. Quite often great people are destroyed by managers who try to make them fit into an existing team instead of building the team around them. Perhaps the greatest example is the career of Michael Jordan who couldn't win NBA title even with his exceptional talent until he got the right manager in Phil Jackson who could handle him and surround him with the right people and even invent special offense tactic for him.

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