Start-Ups in Love

Rick Klau, a partner at Google Ventures, has given a presentation about how objectives and key results are set on personal, team, and company level at Google. The talk is interesting in itself but for us at Zemanta it has an added value becuase in the talk Rick presents his objectives and key results from the time when he was product manager of Blogger and he supervised integration of Zemanta with Blogger. Here's the relevant slide rick_klau_OKRs

I was not involved in the negotiations with Blogger, so I don't know for certain, but it seems we were part of a key result "Launch 3 revenue-specific experiments to learn what drives revenue growth". Maybe one of Špetič brothers can present more details in the comments.

Partnerships between a big corporation and a small start-up are in many ways very similar to the relationship between a beautiful girl and a geek in love. The girl has all the attention in the world and she has her particular reason why she's experimenting with the geek. The geek on the other hand sees the girl as a dream come through and solution to all his problems. As is the case for love between a geek and a girl, also partnerships between big corporations and small start-ups almost never end up with a happy ending. Either your liaison with corporation moves to another position or his priorities change or whatever. The only way for a start-up to succeed in a relationship with a big corporation is to exploit it as a lever to gain access to the competition.

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