Prejudices and Start-Ups


Yesterday I've attended investor's day at TSstartup. The event was great in every regard and the current generation of start-ups is brilliant both in ideas and execution. It was great to watch them present their projects with confidence to a quite nice bunch of Slovenian investors. There was one curious moment at the event, though. Namely, when representative of Facilty, a hotel management service, was asked by an investor if they have considered hotels in Croatia as potential market for their service, he replied that Slovenian companies are unwelcome in Croatia thus causing everybody to raise their eyebrows. I can very well be mistaken, but to me such answer is based entirely on prejudice. While occasionally politicians are successful at seeding discord between our two friendly nations, I've heard about lots of Slovenian companies successfully operating in Croatian market and I see no reason why also Facility couldn't succeed there.

I hope I got the situation wrong and I'd like very much the representative of Facility start-up to explain his position in the comments. More so, because Facility showed great progress in these three months since I first heard of them and they have now a very solid product in their hands. But with such prejudices in their heads, they'll have great problems finding customers, investors, and new team members.

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