The Privilege of Work


There was a controversy recently when a local advertising company offered a full-time assistant position without any financial compensation. The company argued that experienced gained is already a sufficient compensation, while the opponents stated that this is tantamount to slavery. While in Slovenia we still argue about non-paid internships, English have gone a step further. A high-class private Westminster school has organized an auction where interships are offered to the highest bidder, that is, not only internship is not paid but the intern must actually pay the employer for the privilege of internship! The British liberal press went lunatic on this move since it precludes poor from having an equal footing in gaining work experience thus further stratifying society. What's even more breath-taking is the feeling that pay-for-play internships are only part of bigger trend of disappearing middle-class jobs. With software eating the world, it seems technology is destroying jobs faster than new opportunities are being created and that we're entering a post-capitalist society where jobs are the most scarce resource of them all. If this is true we're just entering a period of intense society change with utterly unpredictable consequences.