Places of Creativity

Ljubljana has many great places where people meet and discuss new ideas. Some of the most successful people I know spend most of their days smoking and pouring coffee at their favorite watering hole. But bars and cafes run against a Slovene stereotype of a well-behaved citizen who should work a lot and think only little (the idea instilled in us by thousand years of Habsburg dominion). Therefore you'll always find plenty of neighbors trying to close down your favorite joint with excuses of excessive noise and misbehaved guests, but in reality offended by the very existence of people daring to think with their own head instead of following orders from dawn till dusk. ntoko

Slovene rapper N'toko said at the recent round-table about artist's freedom that the crisis has given a great chance to establishment to let die long standing sources of dissent. Places such as K4, KUD France Prešeren, Kiberpipa, Bi-Ko-Fe, Cafe Open, and Tivoli pub have all run into problems lately and many of them might not survive the current crisis. While I'm not advocating that we should keep every such place regardless of price, we neither should give free reign to utility and fear. It is such places that give unique character to our city and make it such a great place to live. If we want to make out of Ljubljana a city of creativity, we should encourage places of creativity not supress them!


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