Yo-Yos and Walled Gardens of Content Consumption on the Web

2013-05-31 11.05.23

There are two predominant ways of content consumption on the web today, yo-yos and walled gardens. By yo-yos I consider cases where you go to Google, search for something, click on one of the results, consume content, and then go back to Google for the next piece of content or to search again, doing so in perpetuity. By walled gardens I consider Facebook and (increasingly) Twitter where you're consuming contently mostly on the wall of your favorite social network. The case of yo-yos is exhausting the user, while the walled gardens are anathema to the publishers since they are reduced to content vendors with no relationship with end users. What we need is the best of both worlds. Content consumption should be as fluent as television but still keep diversity of the web. Check my site with a mobile device for a glimpse of the future as we imagine it at Zemanta.

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