The 3rd Nature


Internet started as an utopia but has grown to our third nature over the years. While we are still waiting for a poet on the scale of Baudelaire (yes, I'm looking at you xdaseinx) to vocalize our experience in virtual environment, Internet is quickly becoming as threatening to our existence and well-being as were urban environments and nature in times of the past. Spam, porn, phishing, identity theft, DDOS attacks, industrial espionage, and cyberwarfare are no longer just topic of science fiction, but the reality we live in. And that's also the reality where our children are growing up. I'm struck each time I see a child roaming Internet freely without any adult supervision. The same parents who would never allow their child roam back alleys of a city or dark forest by themselves, let their son or daughter roam Internet freely ignorant of all dangers preying on their child. And with every teenager possessing a wi-fi enabled phone these days and free-of-charge wireless networks children safety on Internet just got completely out of control. While several organizations are actively campaigning to inform the public of the dangers present in virtual worlds, the generation of children that's currently in adolescence will most probably have to learn everything the hard way from their own experience, since their parents are ill-equipped to protect them.

This post was inspired by the yesterday's visit of Zemanta by children taking part in LogOut & ReStart program. I hope we managed to inspire these children that Internet is not just a place of escape from the problems associated with the pain of growing up, but also the place of great creativity and endless potential.

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