For almost a decade I watched with admiration some of my LinkedIn connections having 500+ people in their network. Yesterday, I've reached this milestone also myself and now I'm also a part of this club which isn't so exclusive anymore. I joined LinkedIn already in 2004. At that time I was recruiting programmers for one large project and Matija Mazi suggested LinkedIn as a good source of candidates. I've been using LinkedIn ever since for recruiting and background check of candidates, and it is quite hard to imagine today that we could ever live without it. While role of LinkedIn for recruiting is self-evident, it is becoming increasingly important also for sales. Namely, in sales it is essential to know who is the right person to contact. The bigger the company the harder it is to pinpoint the right person to pitch. Our sales guys, for example, spend quite a lot of time studying internal structure of potential clients in order to contact the right person. LinkedIn in it's current form doesn't expose explicitly internal relations in a company, but it's still possible to deduce a lot from job titles of company employees. It might very well be that LinkedIn will extend itself also in this direction, though I don't know if organizational structure is something that companies would be willing to expose to outsiders. Sales people all over the world would be delighted, though, if LinkedIn would provide them with better information on the right person to sell to.

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