- AirBnB for Sightseeing

I attended TSstartup mentors meetup yesterday and I came away again impressed by the current generation of startups there. Not only they have some great ideas, but they also seem to be working hard and are not afraid of pivoting on their conceptions. Among these startups I was in particular impressed by the progress of ShowMeAround team. What they are trying to build is something similar to airbnb, but for sightseeing instead of lodgings. The idea is that many visitors are fed up with standard packaged tours and want to have pristine experience of a new place and actual interactions with the locals. On the other hand, locals who want to earn some extra money (e.g. students) can share their knowledge and love for their hometown, while meeting interesting people from throughout the world. showmearound

In my opinion, the only Slovenian startups with a decent chance of success internationally are the ones exploiting some particularity of our local environment. Ljubljana has a huge student population, it's becoming very popular with visitors, and locals still aren't annoyed by tourists. I think all these makes Ljubljana a perfect place to kick-off a service such as ShowMeAround. If I would have some 25K euros for an angel investment to make (unfortunately, I don't) I would seriously consider these three young lads. I think they are up to something big.

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