The Non-sense of Working Visas


Thank you very much for your application. As much as we want to, due to visa requirements we are in no position to accept candidates outside of Europe or North America. I'm very sorry about such discrimination, but it's beyond our means to do anything about it. I hope you'll find great career opportunities nonetheless.

This is the response I gave to a candidate from Egypt applying to our job advertisement on Careers 2.0 by StackOverflow. The response made me sad and got me thinking how unfair my response to this candidate really is. He's using the same technology as we do, he's programming in the same languages as we do, his work is on display in the same Internet as ours, but him being born in Egypt effectively prevents us from employing him.

I understand that just opening borders and let people go where they want, would wreak too much havoc on status quo in this world. Still, I wish it will happen in my lifetime still that the non-sense of working visas disappear. Just like it was impossible to fathom 25 years ago that a Slovene could work without any limitations from Estonia to Portugal, it is beyond our imagination today to dream up that people could move freely from London to Capetown and work where their efforts are best appreciates and not where they were confined by their birth.

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