KPI of Excellency


With Todd on-board we have started to put much more attention to transparency and accountability of our work. Consequently we have defined a few key performance indicators (KPIs) about target reach, revenue and monetization of our network. These KPIs are the most important ones for Zemanta as a business, but they are not covering all aspirations of Zemanta as a company. Namely, Zemanta is and plans to stay a company that takes a lot of pride in being technological advanced and staffed with top notched experts in their respective fields. We see our mission as a start-up to be not only finding a viable business, but equally important, to build a great company. There are many aspects of a great company but the most pronounced is its capability to attract and retain great people. Therefore besides business-oriented KPIs, a company striving to be great should also introduce a KPI that measures desirability of great talent working for it. Unfortunately, in Slovenia we don't have a list of most desirable software development companies to work for, that we could use to track and compare "greatness" of companies. I think we should start compiling such list and I call on fellow engineering managers to respond if they feel the same need and are willing to participate in this initiative.

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