Expanding to the West Coast


With the recent hire of Todd as a president and Jeff as a VP of publisher & corporate development Zemanta has set her foot also on the west coast of the USA, since Todd is based in Seattle and Jeff in San Francisco. I've written some time ago that nowadays sun doesn't set anymore even for companies with just 30 employees such as Zemanta and not just for large empires. This has major implications on our work rhythm since we are now stretched over nine time zones, emails are flooding us non-stop and meetings happen at the strangest times of day. Here's my schedule for today. It's 8:30 AM CEST and I just finished answering emails that Jeff produced over the night (it was late afternoon and evening for him). From 10:00 to 12:00 it will be high time of my productivity since the whole America is sleeping at that time. Just after lunch the first emails will start arriving from our New York office, followed by 3 to 5 pm slot, which is our prime time for meetings with the east coast. This is immediately followed by 5 to 6pm slot, which is our prime time for meetings with Todd and Jeff on the west coast. I prefer to have time off between 6 and 8 pm to have at least a glimpse at how fast my children are growing up. By 9pm the children will be put to bed and my inbox flooded again. For most of the evenings I work till 11pm to provide my American colleagues with answers and information they need. The evolution has definitely not prepared us for such rhythm of life that globalization has induced upon us.

Fortunately, we have Todd visiting Ljubljana this week. So at least he is in the same time zone momentarily.

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