There's No Money in Engineering


We, the engineers, have chosen our profession because we love building stuff, not because of good money. If we would be after good money we would become managers, finance experts, salesmen, or marketing professionals. In capitalism and market economy, it's people managing the capital and markets that take all the profit, while everybody else, engineers included, are only hired workforce paid by the hour. There's a recent tendency to promote engineering and other science based professions as dream jobs. While jobs in these professions are fulfilling in many regards, it's deceptive to encourage young people to join ranks of wage laborers if they are capable of joining the ranks of the ruling elite. For example, the starting salary (after taxes) of a software developer in Slovenia is 1200 euro/month and the most she can expect after twenty years of career is to double this amount to 2400 euro/month. If an engineer wants to earn more money, she must take over management responsibilities, move into sales, or start her own company. Or even better, enroll to business or law school right away, skipping lost years (profitwise) spent training for an engineer.

My father was always telling me, that one is valued by others exactly the amount they pay him/her. Support for engineering is just a lip service by the society. Limited earnings possibilities are the real indicator of our worth.


My father took career path of money, even though he was a builder by heart. I learned from him that it's more important to do something you love than having the highest salary. Therefore no regrets from my side for taking engineering career path.

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