Waiting for a Job vs. Looking for a Job


Last month 122.630 Slovenes were registered at unemployment office as waiting for a job. While it's collective responsibility of our society and utter incompetence of our past governments for such high number, each of the unemployed person is foremost himself of herself to blame for his or her miserable state of affairs. The quote by Sun Tzu that "Every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought" is just applicable to job hunt as it is to the art of war. If you start building a resume for your next job only after you loose one, you are already too late. That applies not only to people already employed but even more to young people looking for the first employment among which unemployment rate runs especially high.

At Zemanta we employ lots of people both in Slovenia and USA also at junior positions. Just this month we have two junior positions opened, one in Slovenia and one in New York, which gives us unique introspective into difference between applicants from Slovenia and the States. Young people from Slovenia provide us with their personal information, information about their education, and little else. Americans, on the other hand, have their CVs worked out the moment they graduate. They all do internships during their studies, volunteer at charities, or are active members of various student groups. Obviously American youth understand much better then their Slovenian counterparts that employers question work ethic and habits of young people and that they want to see proof of maturity before employing people fresh out from college.

So, Slovene students, activate yourself today or it will be only your fault when you end up unemployed after your graduation.

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