Five Hours of Interviews


We've just brought to fruition our recent hiring spree by employing two young bright engineers. They've both started yesterday and I hope they'll have lots of fun and success in our midst. But what is visible already after just two days is that they have started to blend in our team and forming bonds with existing team members pretty quickly. While most companies start to on-board new employees only after they hire them, we start introducing a potential employee to his future coworkers, work, and technology already during on-site interviews. In my experience it's quite hard to make new employees get to know their new coworkers. Forcing them to have introductory coffees feels so unnatural and socially awkward, especially for more introvert people. But even the most introvert engineers have no problems speaking with a complete stranger for an hour within the context of a job interview. At first glance it might look like a big waste of time to have seven people talking with all candidates for five or more hours. But if you look at it as part of on-boarding process it is very much worth the time invested. Of course, such approach can only work if candidate acceptance rate is high. If most candidates would turn out as unsuitable, my coworkers would pretty quickly start finding interviewing job applicants a waste of their time. Therefore we do extensive screening of the candidate by checking his CV and talking with the candidate over the phone, before inviting the candidate for a full-scale interview.

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