200 grams of Information


I had my wallet stolen on Friday. It was not that I was careless, I only got false sense of security (obviously). I was at a pastry shop in the center of Ljubljana and since there was no room for my coat at the table, I hang it on a hanger. I had a clear line of sight on my coat throughout the evening, but nonetheless my wallet was no longer in the coat when I wanted to go home. I only had 10 euros of cash in the wallet, so the junkie who stole it won't get more than one fix for it. But I had most of my documents there, so I'll spend two weeks now to acquire new copies of my documents. My wallet weighted some 200 grams and contained nothing but information. It contained several credit, identity, and memebership cards that are all just a lot of plastic and very little information. All these weight could easily be squeezed into my 130 gram mobile phone that I never part with without adding any extra weight to it. Unfortunately, after I get new copies of my documents I'll be carrying around 200 grams of unnecessary plastic again, since there's no alternative currently to this miserable state of affairs.

Some problems are so obvious, but impossible to solve directly. I hope by the time my next wallet get stolen, some start-up will already provide an alternative storage of personal information that won't require so much plastic.

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