You're interviewing, too!


Zemanta is currently on a hiring spree as we are looking to employ several full-stack software engineers. It is therefore a good time to remind candidates that it's not only Zemanta hiring them, but it is also them deciding whether Zemanta is a suitable place for them to work. It is in nobody's interest to have a candidate accepted only to find out several months later that the hiree doesn't feel comfortable working with his/her new coworkers, have troubles working with the technology used, does not belive in the product vision or the success of the company, or has no trust in management. I always try to give candidates a lot of information about Zemanta and what they could expect if they get hired. I also invite candidates to ask questions, but more often than not the candidates are so focused on making good impression themselves, that they lack confidence to ask questions. To ease the burden of finding good questions in the heat of the moment, I would advice candidates to prepare questions in advance. This will not only force you to think what you should expect from the new employment, but it will also make you inform yourself about the company before the interview. To me there is no bigger showstopper than seeing a candidate applying for a job who has never seen our website or never took our service for a test run. It's hard to believe that such an ignorant person could ever make a devoted team member.

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