Supporting Customer and Product Discovery Process


Yesterday I had a workshop for the 2nd generation of TSstartup. Again I've tried to convey the message to prospective start-ups that their time at the TSstartup accelerator can be spend better then programming for three months the code which won't be used or won't sell. I think this generation will be much more susceptible to my message. Two of eleven start-ups have already pivoted on their original idea and I hope at least some more will consider feasibility of their product or business model after my talk. Another message I've had for the start-ups was the importance of measuring and how big contribution can engineers make towards the success of their company by taking measuring seriously and helping everybody else understand signals from the environment. At Zemanta we're becoming increasingly good at this and I presented to participants in detail how we have approached gathering and analysis of user feedback ourselves.

The slides are kind of dull without my narration but they might still be useful to some of you so I'm attaching them anyway.

[slideshare id=18222446&doc=2013-04-04-tsstartup-online-130405020015-phpapp02]