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With the kind of weather we're currently having, it's hard to fathom that summer is just around the corner. When I was a teenager I've spent the first few weeks of summer working in order to have money for some trip abroad or some sweet time at the sea side. I was very good programmer already at that young age so my internships were always programming gigs with software vendors. I remember these internships as, first, being very well paid, and second, how much I've learned from my mentors and other programmers I was working with as an intern. So, while my schoolmates sweated at factories packing cans or feeding conveyor belts for a few tolars, I was earning a very decent money and having fun programming solutions to cool problems. My personal experience and similar experience of Andraž was an important reason that we decided to offer summer internship to a bright and young programmer who'd like not only to earn some pocket money but also to learn from the best programmers in Slovenia about the tricks of the trade. So if you’re a programming prodigy, great at computer science competitions, running a successful web business from your dorm room, or having a hyperactive GitHub account, consider applying for summer internship at! And if you happen to know somebody matching this description, please refer him or her to us. I'm sure (s)he will have excellent time with us!

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