Panic Coda 2

I like my mac but I prefer developing code on linux. To have it both, I use my mac mainly as a terminal to my development system residing on a remote linux machine. While I'm quite versed using just a terminal and vi, I still prefer editing code locally on my mac using a graphical editor. There exists several nice programming editors on mac (e.g, Sublime Text, TextMate, TextWrangler), but none of them supports working with remote files really well. Therefore I've been using general purpose text editors such as Smultron and Vico, which don't provide much of a programming specific support, but are at least really good at handling remote files. Recently, I've been using Vico, which is a very nice editor, but it is unfortunately no longer under active development and it has several stability issues. So, last weekend when my Vico crashed again while I was editing some code, I decided it's time to start looking for some proper programming editor again. I've looked at the usual suspects (Sublime Text, TextMate, TextWrangler) only to find out that they still suck at remote editing and that I don't like them anyway. When I looked a bit more, I've spotted Panic Coda 2 that from the first moment felt like a spot on editor for me. Coda is not free or cheap, though. It costs some 60 euros, so I've spent several days actively testing trail version, before I parted ways with my money.


After a week of using it, I've come to appreciate Coda even more. Not only it has perfect support for remote editing, it also has a terminal and SQL browser built right-in. And the real killer functionality of Coda is the concept of sites, which enables me to quickly change environments between projects (which a do a lot since my coworkers are code reviews generating machines).

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