Accelerating Agile


I've become quite a fan of Dan North at QCon this year. I watched three of his talks there and each of them gave me a new perspective on some aspect of agile. Agile got us far but if we want go even further and start developing better software even faster, we need fresh ideas. Dan presented several such ideas in his talk on accelerating agile. These ideas were result of his observations while participating in a project that delivered a new equity trading software in record time with minimal fuss. Dan organized his ideas in the following twelve steps:

  • Step 1: Learn the domain
  • Step 2: Prioritise risky over valuable
  • Step 3: Plan as far as you need
  • Step 4: Try something different
  • Step 5: Fire, Aim, Ready
  • Step 6: Build small, separate pieces
  • Step 7: Deploy small, separate pieces
  • Step 8: Prefer simple over easy
  • Step 9: Make the trade-offs
  • Step 10: Share the love
  • Step 11: Be ok with “failure”
  • Step 12: Delivering this fast can be addictive

I felt very vindicated while listening to Dan explaining this points. Namely, the project that we very successfully finished recently followed these steps almost exactly.