TSstartup, 2nd Generation

I've attended yesterday the presentation of the 2nd generation of participants of TSstartup accelerator. I was very pleasantly surprised by the ambition of their ideas and even more with the quality of their presentation. The first generation of TSstartup achieved such level of self-confidence and clarity of their message only after being extensively mentored by Aleš, Aleš, and Alja. I think angel investors and venture capitalists should pay a close attention to this crop of startups. I won't give away my opinion about individual startups selected for the 2nd generation of TSstartup just yet. Even though their ideas look very promising, none of them is without a major flaw. Since I'll be one of the mentors at TSstartup, I want to use the shock of my brutal feedback to shoot down some planes and get teams move out of their comfort zone. I really hope that the teams selected will not spend all their time on engineering, but will focus more on product and customer discovery.



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