Consumption of News and Information on the Web


The whole geek part of the Internet is abuzz today over Google shutting down Reader soon. The move was widely anticipated since for the past couple of years Reader was kept alive only thanks to a dedication of a few enthusiastic Google employees who were supporting Reader in their free time. I think we can mark July 1st, 2013 as the official date when the Web 2.0 officially died and the noble idea of read/write web gone. Internet is now the world of muggles and we, the wizards, will have to go to even more remote places to learn and practice our sorcery. While Google Reader was very popular among geeks, it never gained a wider traction among regular users for some reason that is unknown to me. Larger publishers never liked Reader anyway, because they want to own readers and bombard them with advertising without any intermediary in between. I think the biggest casualty of the Google Reader's demise will be small/niche bloggers who are writing only occasionally and they'll have to rely on Facebook and Twitter even more than they do now.

I consider consumption of news and information on the web an unresolved problem, but one well worth solving. If you know of good alternatives to Google Reader, let me know in the comments.

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