Where Do I Start


One thing that I see frequently is people willing to do something but being incapable of doing the first step. They have ambition, skill, and knowledge to accomplish something great but they keep pondering about what their first step should be, while months and years are passing away. At QCon London Fernando Orellana presented a very simple, but highly effective approach to the kick start problem. Fernando suggestion is to take a piece of paper and just draw a random doodle on it. Then you take a deep look at doodle until you start seeing things in it and then you just complete the picture. We also had a practical presentation of this technique and here's the final picture that I've drawn.


Fernando is a visual artist, but this approach can be easily adapted also to non-visual domains. So instead of banging your head while searching for that perfect idea, just start walking. Regardless of the direction taken you'll start a new journey!

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