QCon London 2013: Presentation Aikido of Damian Conway


Wow! Wow!

I don't remember ever attending a whole day presentation that would fly by like a breeze, where every minute would feel well spent and I would come back home entirely satisfied, with a new mental framework in place upon which I can mount further knowledge and experience as a I practice what I've been just taught.

I've read enthusiastic reviews of Presentation Aikido by Damian Conway before attending this tutorial yesterday at QCon in London. Even though my expectations were therefore already very high, I was still blown away by the quality of Conway's presentation. He has forever influenced how I deliver my presentations, I fear. Whenever I'll be tempted to give a presentation on something I'm not competent or passionate, I'll hear Conway's words "I'm not giving such presentations". Whenever I'll feel like cutting time on slides preparation or rehearsals, I'll see his disappointing eyes. And when I'll see my audience lost in details, I'll know I've failed at my narrative. But most importantly, I'll know I'll fail to fulfill his expectations whenever I'll try to pretend to be somebody else, not myself.

If only all teachers, lecturers, and conference presenters would have a chance to attend Conway's tutorial, the ignorance of this world would have much fewer places to hide.

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