QCon London 2013


I'm in London this week attending QCon conference. I've selected a few talks that I'm especially anxious to see this year. Barbara Liskov's keynote on the power of abstraction. It's not everyday that you get to see Turing Award winner speaking in person.

Fernando Orellana on collaboration with robots to make artwork.

UBS experts presenting security issues around mobile apps and BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices). I have big hopes for BYOD, since I really don't want to relive experience when some god-playing sysadmin is dictating which computer you should use at your work.

Greg Young analyzing 8 lines of code to reach simplicity. His talk last year was the most funny talk delivered by an engineer that I've ever heard.

Adam Blum presenting advanced sensors in Mobile devices. My fascination with sensors in mobile devices goes back at least to the Mobvis project.

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