Feeling Good


On Friday I've achieved a personal milestone. I'm with Zemanta for 3 years, 4 months, and 1 day which is the longest period I've spent working for a single company. Just as at previous record holder, Faculty of Computer and Information Science and project Mobvis, I feel very good working at Zemanta and this 3+ years have passed by like a breeze. This is mostly due to my amazing coworkers who keep rejuvenating me with every passing day and the great opportunity that lie at Zemanta's footsteps. After my stint at Najdi.si I was choosing between joining Zemanta, Celtra, Marand, or even running a e-health government initiative. While I'm sure any of these would make a good choice, the choice for Zemanta was the best one I could make. While working for a startup does not give you any guarantees that you'll keep job also tomorrow or that there will be a job at all tomorrow, I really hope will keep the mojo flowing. We have very ambitious goals for this year and already today you can expect some exciting news coming from Zemanta.

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