The Year so Far

"Crop:0.0,360.0,54.15,125.85 Pitch:0 Roll:0"

The year so far has been anything but dull. With revolutions taking place both at Zemanta and in the society at large, the first two months of the year 2013 just flew by. Working daily on the issues makes you focus too much on the problems at hand without reflecting on a bigger picture. That is one reason why taking holidays is important and I'm taking ones next week. I'm going skiing with my family  to Kronplatz in Italy. As we have been doing for the past few years, the kids will attend a ski school organized by ŠD Novinar, which should also give Tina and me ample time for some extensive skiing. A heavy fall of snow is forecasted in Kronplatz for Saturday, so I can already hear the buzzing of a powder alert!

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