Blogging is Dead


Last year I attended BlogHer conference in New York. What struck me the most upon seeing 5000+ mom bloggers buzzing through Hilton New York was their clear realization that blogging is their job, not a hobby any more. For many it's only part-time job, but a job none the less. The romantic period of blogging is long gone and now hard metrics have kicked in: how many readers I have, how often my posts get liked or retweeted, number of facebook and twitter followers, and finally, the most important metric, how much money I make by blogging. There are still plenty of traditional bloggers out there who blog only because they love expressing their ideas. But lack of motivation, dwindling readership and comment trolls are reducing their numbers much faster then they can replenish their stock. And the newly minted "bloggers" seem all to have just one goal - to repeat success of Design Mom, A VC or 9 to 5 Mac in monetization of their site, either online or offline.

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