I hate Google Analytics.


Lately I spend lots of time using Google Analytics. The experience of using it is not the most pleasant one. On the contrary, I can't seem to understand the mental model upon which Google Analytics is built and I therefore keep loosing myself in its convoluted user interface. It seems the same holds for my coworkers, since we spend too much time discussing results provided by Google Analytics, while we still end with doubts if our interpretation of the data is correct. I spent some time looking for Google Analytics alternatives, but I just couldn't find anything powerful enough for a decent price. It seems Google has successfully scorched the field of web analytics services by giving the basic version of Google Analytics for free. Nowadays it wouldn't require too much of an effort to build a decent (real-time!) alternative to Google Analytics. I hope some start-up will decide to give Google run for his money (actually, for its data, since Google only cares for Google Analytics so that he can use the traffic data in search algorithms).

Let me know in the comments, if there's some analytics service out there, that I might have missed and would be a good alternative to Google Analytics.

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