Write Less Code

write_less_code_solve_more_problems It's official. The motto of Zemanta development for 2013 is write less code! This might sound a bit strange for an organization whose presumed aim should be to develop software, but it is essential if we want to make Zemanta successful. At Zemanta we love code. My coworkers can produce hundreds of lines of excellent code per day. The code that does magic. But only if this magic turns out to be something that our users value a lot, the underlying code make sense. If the new functionality receives a luke warm reception the code supporting it does not deserve to persist. As we have found out in the past year, collecting feedback from users and understanding their behavior is much harder problem than implementing any particular feature. We therefore plan to spend less time in 2013 writing code and dedicate more time to analysis of the efficacy of our code. And large letters that we put on our wall today should remind us throughout the year that only the profitable code should survive!

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