User Testing that even Programmers Love

There is an old adage among programmers that programming would be the best profession in the world if it wouldn't be for the users. Since hiding away from users is not the best way of creating products that customers would love, it's essential for engineering management to get engineers in touch with the real users. At Zemanta, we tried to push engineers closer to customers by having them participating at user interviews. After trying it out for a few times, our engineers found user interviews boring and time consuming and they were no longer willing to participate at them. Recently we started doing lightweight user testing with the help of In this service you specify what kind of users you want and then define tasks you want the users to complete. The result of a user test on is a video of your service in action that you can share around. We have found out that our engineers are quite eager to watch these videos since they can watch them at their own time and pace. Since these user testing videos expose many issues and glitches with the product, we are increasingly starting to use them also as another way of testing our service, this time entirely from the end user perspective.


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