Pushing Programmers to Push Their Code


Yesterday we had a discussion about GitHub and how it is becoming both Facebook and LinkedIn for programmers, and ever more important factor in hiring programmers. What we all found strange is that a large number of programmers still don't have any public repository where they would show off their code. In the discussion I've put forward a proposal that I'd like to push also here for wider discussion. In my opinion the best place to teach people about the importance of public repositories is college. Computer science students are already doing several coding projects per year and I see no reason why wouldn't they upload their projects to GitHub or BitBucket. By uploading their code to a  public repository they would not only build their personal portfolio that they can show to perspective employers, but they would also learn about contemporary development practices, importance of collaboration in software development, and benefits of open sourcing your code. What do you think about this proposal? Does it make sense to you and shall we push this proposal to our local Faculty of computer and information science?

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