Communicating the Value of Your Product


We, the engineers, love to build stuff but most of us aren't particularly good at communicating the value of our product to the general population. We operate with abstract concepts, we use words and phrases that nobody understands, we want to show off the complexity of our products instead of simplicity of our solutions, and probably do just about everything from the handbook of poor communication strategy. In a company run by engineers, poor communication skills show everywhere, but nowhere more painfully than in marketing. Wikipedia defines marketing as

the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers.

Technology companies thrive on innovators and early adopters, while they die on majority and laggards. Especially engineers who are successful at communication with the first group, often get the false impression that they are good at communicating with the general public. So maybe it's about time to admit our handicap and look for some professional help.