Idée Fixe

Yesterday I've attended the final pitches of the 1st generation of TSstartup. To my considerable disappointment the pitches were almost identical to the pitches I've heard three months ago when this generation kicked off the acceleration program. I find it hard to believe that all eleven ideas found validation with the users and therefore didn't require any pivoting. I think it's much more likely that participants came to the accelerator with a fixed idea and then made all the possible effort not change their "brilliant" idea in any possible way. One of the best way how to avoid any user input (that could potentially invalidate the idea) is to spend all your time in front of the computer coding tons of code in support of your idea. Judging from polished apps and web sites the participants did just that. Because I couldn't hear not even a single team explaining how many user interviews they conducted in the past three months to actually check if their idea has any potential users. tsstartup_1st_generation


Congratulations to Aleš, Aleš, and Alja for kicking and pushing the TSstartup accelerator. I hope many more generations will pass thru their hands. And I'm not usually praising Telekom Slovenia, but I must definitely give them kudos for supporting this program.