I'm sick so I'm staying at home. I've felt bad already for the whole weekend, but I still have a sore throat and a running nose today. With the fresh snow outside it would really be a perfect day to stay at home and just lie in bed, for the whole day but only if I wouldn't feel so exhausted. Even more, all my girls are sick, too, and they just went to see the doctor in order to find out what's wrong with us. At Zemanta we have a custom to write a notification email to coworkers if you are sick and, consequently, staying at home. As I've sent this email today, I've got back responses such as "I just wanted to send the same mail" and "I was sick already on Friday and I still don't feel any better". It seems quite some Zemanta people aren't feeling well today. With intense collaboration that we are practicing at Zemanta, it seems also infections have a really fertile ground to spread.

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