A Year of Blogging


It's a year since I opened this blog and started blogging regularly. While the original Zemanta project that got me started wasn't a success for a general public, it certainly achieved its goals with me. By bootstrapping my blogging habits (and still providing me with a daily dose of inspiration) BlogSpire managed to set me a sustainable blogging routine. I found out that starting the day as a producer is the great way to kick the day, while giving me a great opportunity to contemplate many things that are happening in my life. Had had once explained to me that you become a true blogger once you start doing things just to have something to publish on your blog. By that measure I'm definitely on a good way to become a true blogger. Many of the initiatives that I've kicked off, pushed, or joined in the past year had a hidden motivation of providing me a content to put on this blog. You cannot change people at one fell swoop, but with persistence and patience anything can be accomplished. I consider a blog a great tool for everybody on a mission to make our world an even better place.