Fire Engineers, Hire Marketing People - The Case for a Growth Hacker


Contrary to a popular belief, I don't think we need more engineers and less business people in our society. At least the story of Zemanta speaks to the contrary. If only two years ago large majority of Zemanta employees were engineers, we now represent less than a third of a work force. Even more, we have no immediate plans to hire engineers while we have plans to hire more sales, marketing and product development people, thus further reducing the share of engineers in our company. At Zemanta we have learned the hard way that it's not sufficient to build the product and than just wait for that proverbial hockey-stick growth. You actually need people that understand users and know how to get them use your product. In traditional organizations, the responsibility for growing number of users lies with marketing. But in startups the role of marketing is so intertwined with all other activities that recently a new concept of a growth hacker came about whose role is to work across all departments in order to use all the possibilities to achieve growth.

At Zemanta we don't have a proper growth hacker just yet, but I hope, we'll get one soon.

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