In the Anticipation of QCon London 2013


Last year I've attended QCon conference in London for the first time. The conference exceeded my already high expectations in every regard. The content was outstanding, the presentation brilliant and organization of the conference flawless. I've written extensively about the conference on this blog, so check those posts for more details. My expectations for this year's event are again very high. Just seeing people such as Barbara Liskov or Ward Cunningham in person would already be a privilege, let alone hearing their keynotes. The tracks named "Architectures you've always wondered about", "Architectural Hangover Cure", or "Schadenfreude" would spur interest of any software engineer, not just me. And I'm particularly excited about attending the "Presentation Aikido" by Damian Conway. The reviews of this tutorial that I've read on the web are full of superlatives.

Let me know if you plan to attend this conference so that we can meet there in person.

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