The Ever Shrinking Planning Horizon


Yesterday we kicked off a major new initiative that might bring quite some changes to our product. I cannot reveal what this initiative is about, but you shouldn't feel to anxious about it. The first changes will be deployed already next Friday and majority of changes will be in production in two weeks time. We are planning the whole initiative, including sales and marketing push, to take 6 weeks altogether. I've spoken with several friends recently who work in non-startup environments. For most organizations, December and January are spent preparing plans and budgets for the next year. From my perspective it sounds like a complete fiction that Zemanta could plan either its resources or the scope of its work for December 2013. As described at the beginning of this post, for us it's already a major accomplishment to be able to plan 6 weeks ahead, but for many companies (and especially government organizations) the norm is still to plan months or even years ahead.

Sarah Lacy has made a great point yesterday, that "China’s real manufacturing skill is an almost incomprehensible speed and scale". Slovenia cannot compete with anybody on scale, but we should definitely become much faster. To achieve the speed required in today's highly-competitive world Slovenian society will have to undergo a massive transformation. The first and the most important change should be about the job market! We can hire extremely fast, but we should also be allowed to let people go quickly and without any hassle or hidden costs.