Sphericam - Breakthrough 360° Surround Video Camera

sphericam There's no adventure anymore without GoPro capturing a video of it. But GoPro has only a limited field of view. Now, my friend Jeffrey Martin of 360Cities has developed a 360° Surround Video Camera that enables you to capture not only what's happening in front of you but all around you. At the moment, the Sphericam is still a bit bulky, but I think it has tremendous future in front of it.

Jeffrey is one of the premiere experts on panoramic photography in the world and his company 360Cities is the main provider of panoramic images for Google Earth. Jeffrey has built a great team that is capable of bringing panoramic photography to a new level. To fund a large scale production of Sphericam Jeffrey has initiated a Kickstarter project. I've backed him up already. I suggest you back him up, too, here.



This is the last post of this year and tomorrow New Year's holidays starts for me. It was an amazing experience starting each working day as a producer and I plan to continue to entertain you with my posts also next year. I wish you all the best in the forthcoming year. It might be hard to see from the gloomy situation holding sway of Slovenia currently, but I'm very confident that 2013 will be a great year!

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