The Greatest Value a Startup Can Have Are Users Prepared to Give Feedback


Isn't it strange that start-ups are almost always solving a problem that their founders have? There are so many interesting problems in this world, so why would start-ups focus on the problems of their founders and not on the problems of some other user group. Contrary to the popular belief, I think that this focus is not because solving your own problem would be so motivating, but because it is so difficult and time consuming to get a feedback from users. In my experience, products are not defined by product managers or engineers but by the users prepared to give feedback about the product. Too often the start-ups take the easy route and select the most accessible and aggressive users to define their product (e.g. founders, HiPPOs, big customers, ...) instead of selecting the right users for their product. Consequently I hold an opinion that the primary role of senior management in a start-up with regards to product development should not be about defining a product, but about selecting the right users who will in effect define the right product.

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