How We Made our Cross-Atlantic Weekly Calls (almost) Enjoyable


Ever since we opened our New York office, we have weekly calls to synchronize our sales & marketing team with engineering and product development office in Ljubljana. At first these calls were rather enjoyable since it was only one or two people attending from NYC and less than ten people present on this side of the pond. But in the last two years Zemanta grew considerably and now we have 30 people attending the weekly call. With so many people attending the inadequate technical solution of our calls really came to the fore resulting in people loosing concentration and starting to fool around instead of listening to the status report. For the last couple of calls we did an experiment proposed by Škrat. Instead of all 20 people listening on the call from the same room in Ljubljana office, we split in two groups with each group joining the call from the separate room. This resulted in same call conditions for everybody involved and made maintaining people's focus much easier. Additionally, we now have designated people presenting who got clear instructions on how they should structure their presentations.

Yesterday's weekly call lasted for 17 minutes, it was informative and to the point. Now, the only thing still lacking for this call to be an enjoyable experience is a bit better sound and video. I'm sure we will fix this soon, too!

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