Emancipate Yourself!


I'm taking great pride in our flat hierarchy and low management overhead at Zemanta. In my opinion management is waste and it should be reduced as much as possible. Nonetheless, the role of a manager is as indispensable as the role of a coach in team sports. You need somebody facilitating decisions, coaching people, and mediating conflicts. At Zemanta we have spread management responsibilities over all employees with some of us taking a bit more responsibility than the others. In that way, every engineer understands the challenges and limitations of being a manager, but also every manager understands what it means to be an engineer. Slovenia is going through severe disillusionment with politics as expressed by widespread protests. The role of a politician is so discredited at the moment that a decent and honest person would never venture into politics as we know it know. Since people don't know alternatives to the current system, there exists a real danger that the end result of the protests will only be different asses sitting on the same chairs. In my opinion, the solution is not less politicians but even more politicians. My wish is that each of us would take a bit more responsibility for the government of our beautiful country and in effect reduce the power of professional politicians.

Encouraging people to take more responsibility has always worked extremely well for Zemanta. I'm sure that the same approach would bring welcome changes to Slovenia, too.

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