My Love Affair with PipelineDeals


We are doing intense outreach initiative at the moment to get more publishers using our content discovery platform. Since this involves coordinating three people and hundreds of publishers' contacts and leads, organizing the process with Google Docs quickly became a total mess. Supporting such processes is the domain of customer relationship management (CRM) tools and our first instinct was to try organizing our process with Salesforce, the dominant CRM provider. I've been away from enterprise software world for almost a decade and trying out Salesforce brought back some really unpleasant memories. The bloatware that is Salesforce and its Oraclesque user interface might be powerful tool but a person must be willing to invest a substantial effort in learning how to customize and use it. Which I'm not? I will not spend the rest of my days (hopefully!) managing customer relationships so I don't need a product that is hyper-scalable and ultra powerful. I just a need a simple tool to organize leads, contacts, and all the communication involved.

After several hours of trying to cope with Salesforce, I gave up and started searching for a better option. After checking a bunch of lousy Salesforce alternatives I ran into PipelineDeals. Our sales team actually already uses PipelineDeals but since I was not familiar with it I've thought it is just another poor man's substitute for the real deal (Salesforce). To my great surprise PipelineDeals is not just another CRM, but a very solid and powerful product that it's easy and fun to use. The learning curve was very fast and I've quickly managed to map our messy process to PipelineDeals.

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