The Biggest Exit Yet

On Friday the news quickly spread in Ljubljana's start-up cluster that the largest web retailer in Slovenia, Mimovrste, got acquired by its minority shareholder NetRetail and that the founders of Mimovrste managed to stage the biggest exit yet of any Slovenian web startups. This is already a second big exit for Zvone Jagodic and the first for Jugoslav Petković and other original cofounders of Mimovrste. Knowing Zvone and Jugo for quite some time, I'm certain they will reinvest a substantial part of their money in new start-ups throughout the region, and I hope the other founders will follow their suit. Consequently I consider the Mimovrste exit to be a major boost for the Boulder of Europe.

The special credit for pushing this deal through goes to Darko Butina, the CEO of Mimovrste. I know first hand that he donated a non-negligible part of his liver to first make Mimovrste the best retailer in Slovenia and second to organize such a successful exit for Mimovrste founders.

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