Call For Proposals


For the second year in a row, we organized a joint meetup of Slovenian chapter of Project Management Institute and group. Contrary to the last year, I didn't feel any antagonism anymore between "traditional" and "agile" project managers. I've got the impression that the "traditional" project managers learned a lot about agile approaches to project management in this year and concluded that there's nothing to be feared of in agile. In particular it was very nice to see a seasoned project manager explaining how he dropped gantt chart and used kanban instead.

The second very nice presentation was given by prof. Viljan Mahnič who lectures agile approaches to software development in general and scrum in particular at the faculty of computer and information science within the scope of a capstone project that undergraduate students are required to do in their final year. For the past several years the capstone projects were mostly about developing software for the needs of student administration. But this year prof. Mahnič would like to extend the domain of capstone projects and is calling industry for proposals. If you need something to be developed and you're willing to spend some time as a project owner of a student's project, you should contact prof. Viljan Mahnič. Each group has approximately 4 man-months available so there's sufficient people power to do something meaningful. But hurry up with the applications, the new semester starts already in two months.

Special thanks to Milan Ojsteršek for splendid organization of the event!

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